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We represent many different insurance carriers, doing business this way is called being an Independent Agency. We have the ability to search multiple companies on your behalf, acting as a negotiator, to find you the best possible policy and price. You never have to haggle with an agent or insurance company again. Our promise once we are your agent is we become your Insurance Guide, Advisor and Advocate; YOUR added benefit.


We have a passion for sharing our knowledge with you. No doubt, insurance policies are difficult to understand, but we have a way of cutting through all that to make it relatable. This way you gain an understanding of why buying an insurance policy is the #1 defense against the unexpected and not something purchased begrudgingly.


Ready for some refreshing service? When you call us, you will get a live (qualified) person who will know you by name and who is willing and able to help. We will handle your request timely, that’s a given, and we’ll have a casual friendly conversation just to see how you are doing. Yes, we are humans here, not a robot or someone reading a script.


The reason you have insurance is for when the unexpected happens, right? This is where we say the rubber meets the road. Call us first, and we will help you understand how you're covered, and walk you through your claim. If the other person is at fault, we will still offer advice and explain the process. Knowing what to expect is half the battle to have a good claims experience and this is what we promise to provide


Thanks to technology and the ability to serve a larger geographic area, local is much larger in scope these days. This allows us, a local family business, to serve people living in Ohio. The majority of our clients live within the NE Ohio area, but we serve clients as far south as Cincinnati. Select Insurance supports students by sponsoring the Foundations in Personal Finance course offered by Ramsey Solutions. This course teaches students life-skills in handling money and how to make good financial decisions. 

Choosing the right insurance policy can be a daunting task even for a well-informed consumer. Image if you have no idea what you're doing?

At Select Insurance Services, our main goal is the make the process as easy, educational, and enjoyable as possible, with personalized and authentic advice from an experienced agent, who goes to bat for customers, and does the right thing every day.

One of the biggest reasons you would want to use an independent agent like us, is we work and live in your community, so you're supporting local economy and small business.

You're never just a number at Select Insurance Services!

Insurance doesn't have to be complicated. With us, it isn't.

Insurance can be overwhelmingly confusing. All of the jargon, terms, and coverages can make you feel like you don't understand any of it. Our team educates our clients so they fully understand what their premium dollars are being spent on.

Insurance is never just about price, but we're really good at saving money.

There are many factors that go into insurance rates, and it's no secret that rates increase every so often. Our mission among other things is to help individuals and business-owners put money back in their pockets.

  • Annual
  • Coverage

Why choose us? We believe in old-fashioned customer
service along with a few other core beliefs -

  • Effeciency

    Your time is valuable, so we work quick to deliver results.

  • Clarity

    Insurance can be confusing, we'll make it easy to understand.

  • Honesty

    When other agencies sell you what you don't need, we don't.

Our friendly & knowledgable team is our greatest competitive advantage.

What makes one insurance agency different from all the rest? Simple - people, personality, and professionalism. At Select Insurance Services, we go above and beyond to ensure your experience with us is one you won't forget.


Are you an existing agency client in need of policy support?

Depending on what type of request you have, it may be fulfilled by our in-house team of CSRs (customer support representatives) or by your insurance carrier directly. If you have an emergency claim, we'd recommend contacting your carrier directly.

Personal & Commercial Insurance Simplified

At Select Insurance Services we have access to a wide range of both insurance carriers and products. This gives us, and more importantly, you, flexibility and choice when it comes to your coverages and company.

Personal Insurance

Whether its home, auto, renters, boat or flood, we can help protect you and your family with custom coverages.

Commercial Insurance

We protect hundreds of businesses, large and small. From Farms to Lawyers, we've got you covered.

Service Center

We can help you with billing, requesting an ID card and more.  Just reach out, we can help get you what you need!

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